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History of Kostopil glass plant starts from the beginning of XX century. In the middle of 1913 a Polish squire created the glass guta which was manufacturing large bottles of different capacity and the glass bulbs for kerosene lamps.

After the Second World War in 1946 the glass plant started its work again by manufacturing the same items.

In 1962 the plant was functioning under Lviv Radnargosp authority (central administrative board of electronic industry). Right at that time erection of the workshop №2 with two glass melting furnaces which produced glass insulators and bulbs for vacuum electronic lamps had been started. In 1972 manufacturing of glass and pyrocerams  was mastered in the workshop №3. With development of science industries there was a requirement in new kinds of products and that is why the workshop №4 was built to manufacture the glass linings for the integral circuits. To achieve that purpose  the workshop for manufacturing glass composition materials was bought in the USA. 

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